Lebe! Liebe! Lache!

About me

My name is Kerstin and I'm from the beautiful "Lavanttal" (lavant-valley) in Carinthia/South Austria.

(No kangaroos in Austria *lol*).


I'm living in St. Andrae and among Rhiannon and Akestrellia I am very happy to own two guinea-pigs named "Rocky Santa Cruz" and "Elvis", two angora-rabbits - "Rosie" and "Winchester Johnnie" and two plain-white cats "Moses" and "Kitty".


They take good care of me and my caring-skills! Zwinkernd


Among these adorable hairy fellows I do have a very lovely familiy and brilliant friends...   


THANK YOU so much!! {#emotions_dlg.flower}

Tybio... let's do it with a smile! 0